Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Does anyone know Craig Bennett? Possibly a plumber? With stick-on muscles and a penis transplanted from a canine? If so, let him know that someone on Cockatoo Island has a couple of qualms.


~ by Hugh Munro on July 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Cockatoo Island, Sydney”

  1. I know him…..its all true!!!!! He showed me his dog penis and then barked

  2. Yes I knew him, he was a Plumber at Vickars Cockatoo Naval Dock Yard, Located in Sydney Harbour. I remember Craig Bennett a huge power lifter, renowned for Bench Pressing over 500 pounds and having 21″ biceps. Bennett and a specialist ships Plumber and Hydrolic Engineer, named Tim Watkinson who was brought out from Vickers Ship Yard @Barrow In Furness, Cumbria in England. Were teamed up, to trouble shoot the most complex arduous piping fit outs, onboard the then AOR, now HMAS Success! I was a sparky (Electrician) and BENNETT was in many TV Commercials, and a couple of Aussie films with his identical twin bother, at the time. I saw him on TV a couple times on the News, when celebraties were in town. I guessed he was a Body Guard or something. After I left Cockatoo, I saw him on a couple of sports shows in those muscle competitions. Heard he uses a micraphone and compares gigs at Clubs and venues around the place.

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